Thank you for 12 years of support. As many of you know we are transitioning away from my name Amelia Franklin Coffee Roaster to People Of Coffee NGO which we are giving to the community of Bellingen. 
 Its structure is a Public Company Limited by Guarantee Benevolent Institution.

☕ If you would like to know why? Feel free to follow our journey on social media and connect with our Founder Amelia Franklin on LinkedIn where she is vlogging the journey of People Of Coffee and also BeanLedger a distributed coffee community disrupting the 370M coffee certification industry globally.

 Buy our coffee wholesale or retail to support saving the global coffee supply, we only have 10 years till it starts to collapse from poverty and climate change. Support us to get urgent action where it is needed in research and development of coffee genetics. (Don’t worry we do not have GMO at all in coffee) We need to have some good old fashioned Coffee Sex to save our cup of coffee.
 If you want a cafe business in a decade start supporting social businesses that are working towards saving the global coffee supply through social and environmental sustainability in action.

 We are so excited by this new path and we look forward to sharing it with you! ✌️ Cheers to all the People Of Coffee!

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