It is true Amelia Franklin Coffee Roasters which is 12 years old I have given to the community of Bellingen. And it has been transformed into People Of Coffee Non-Government Organisation. The structure is a Public Company Limited By Guarantee Benevolent Institution.

FAQ… Why? Because something has got to give. Our planet is in a state of extreme crisis, we have a decade before the whole coffee value chain will starts to collapse because of poverty and climate change. By 2050 you will expect to pay at least $15USD for a cup of coffee and 20% to 80% of coffee farming land will be unusable.

You do not have to be a comfortable financially secure philanthropist to make a difference, you just need to have a belief in yourself and the people around you. This if my belief in my community of Bellingen to use People Of Coffee as a vehicle for change locally and globally.

All you need to do to support our vision and goals is to support us by buying our coffee wholesale and retail and become apart of the People Of Coffee Family. We are all one family, the coffee family.

We all deserve the best.


Amelia Franklin