🌟 Elevate Your Fundraiser with People Of Coffee’s Premium Organic Products! 🌟

Searching for a delightful and sustainable way to supercharge your fundraising efforts? Look no further than People of Coffee – your ultimate source for premium organic coffee, chocolate, teas, and more. We’re dedicated to supporting high schools, public schools, scouts & guides, personal fundraisers, community groups, religious organisation and organisations that protect our forests, seas and trees in their fundraising journey, all while promoting ethical consumption and organic goodness.

🌱 Why Opt for People of Coffee’s Organic Fundraising?

Unbeatable Quality: Indulge in the richness of our premium organic coffee, exquisite chocolate, and soothing teas. Every product is carefully sourced and crafted to ensure a delightful experience that your supporters will adore.

Ethical and Organic: At People of Coffee, we’re committed to the environment and your well-being. Our range consists solely of organic products that align with your values and resonate with conscious consumers.

🌟 Celebrating Your Success with an Amazing 30% Profit Share! 🌟

Get ready to embrace the joy of fundraising like never before! At People of Coffee, we’re excited to bring you an unbeatable opportunity that ensures your organization’s success and happiness. With us, not only do you receive an incredible 30% profit share, but you can say goodbye to the worries of missing or unsold products. Let’s dive into the delightful details:

🌼 Unleash Happiness with Great Margins:

🌈 A Generous 30% Profit: We’ve reimagined the world of fundraising to bring you the best possible results. Enjoy an impressive 30% profit on every single product you sell. At the end of your campaign we will direct deposit your funds into your registered organisations bank account.

🌱 Seamless and Stress-Free: With People of Coffee, the happiness of your fundraising journey is our top priority. Say farewell to the headache of missing products or dealing with unsold inventory. We’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Cross Promotion: Elevate your fundraiser’s visibility with our unique cross-promotion on social media platforms. We’re here to help you amplify your cause and draw more support from our engaged online community.

Hassle-Free Group Ordering: Say goodbye to unsold and non-returnable fundraising items. Our straightforward process eliminates the need for logins. Supporters simply use the unique Coupon Codegenerated for your organization, making the purchasing experience smooth and stress-free for you. At the end of your campaign we will direct deposit the funds into the registered organisations bank account.

Effortless Distribution: No more logistical headaches. After your successful fundraising campaign, we’ll ship for free all orders directly to your headquarters, (or reduced shipping to offshore islands). Each package will be clearly labelled and ready for distribution to your proud supporters. We encourage people to make the distribution part of an event or celebration.

Australia Wide Shipping: We understand that you will have family and friends further afield! We will give you a second unique Coupon Code that will apply the Standard Australia Post shipping charge. Opting for this means their orders will be dispatched according to our weekly schedule, ensuring a seamless experience.

Market Stall Fundraiser: It is great to get together with your community and share information, this is why we do provide the option to purchase our products at the 30% wholesale rate to sell at school fetes, markets or events. The minimum spend is $200, we provide free freight Australia wide (or reduced shipping to offshore islands).

Keep Track of the Goal: We will email you a weekly update on your fundraising campaign. To get the best out of your campaign sit down and make a fundraising strategy, click here for some proven tips to success.

🔧 No More Worries: Bid farewell to uncertainties and embrace a worry-free fundraising campaign. With People of Coffee, you can focus on the joy of promoting your cause while we handle the rest.

🎉 Your Fundraising Journey, Engineered for Success:

  1. Explore Our Organic Goodness: Discover a range of premium organic coffee, chocolate, teas, and more on our user-friendly website.
  2. Share the Good News: Utilize our social media cross-promotion to spread the word about your fundraiser and attract enthusiastic supporters.
  3. Effortless Ordering: Supporters use the unique Coupon Code at checkout, making the purchasing process hassle-free.
  4. Collect Funds: With 30% share of the profits from each sale going directly to your organization, you’ll watch your fundraising goals become a reality.
  5. Delivery Made Easy: After your campaign, we’ll ship orders labelled to your headquarters for convenient distribution or offer Australia-wide shipping for individual orders.

Join us in creating a positive impact and a sustainable future with People of Coffee’s organic and ethical fundraising. Together, we can make a difference that resonates both locally and globally.

Ready to embark on your journey? Visit www.peopleofcoffee.org and take the first step towards an unforgettable fundraising experience. For inquiries and support, reach out to us at amelia@peopleofcoffee.org.

Let’s brew up success, one organic cup at a time! ☕🌱

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